The name; Maddy

Age;  Eighteen 

Like; Jalapenos, carbs, pizza, Paris, tights, dresses, poodles, the dark, Buddha, horses, peonies, Christmas, lie-ins, email, topshop, tanning, freckles, tattoos, fairies, drawing, make-up, neat drawers, Tupperware, Friday's, Polaroids, chocolate, my little brother, no school on a school day, daydreaming, dream-catchers, old stories, lipstick, daisy perfume, necklaces, vintage, festivals, the idea of surfing, crab fishing (and putting them back again) Internet shopping, vacuuming, henna tattoos, travelling, the ocean, beaches, flip flops, long hair, eyebrow threading, cabbage, apples, jasmine, photographs, the vampire diaries, lord of the rings, the hobbit, harry potter, biba, vogue, shiny coins, tigers, great Danes, peanut butter cups, about a boy, curly hair, arcade fire, Adele, quiet, hats, feathers, piano's, sandwiches, quorn, sweetcorn, elephants, jenny saville, plums, storms, oranges, pubs, buns, sharks, tigers, sand, breakfast muffins, dips, Glee, pubs, irish accents, pickles, brittany-from-glee, petticoats, odd socks,

Dislike; mornings, bad apples, strawberry milkshakes, quiche, horror movies, spiders, moths, creepy crawlies, running, roller skates, ice on the roads, really hot sun, fake-tan smell, bad hair dye, grapefruit, clowns, alarm clocks, the Simpson's, chlorine, rain, holes in my shoes, ladders in tights, the dentist, the opticians, dirty glasses, glasses generally, rum, snowballs drinks, coconuts, hospitals, elastic bands, lip gloss, earphones, really loud TVs, being clumsy, toes, over-plucked eyebrows, energy drinks, odd socks, uniforms, untucked sheets, pebble-ee beaches, heavy perfume, burnt toast, red peppers, bruised fruit, back to school, exam conditions, lychees, coke,

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