Thursday, 13 June 2013


My bad.

So I've been meaning to blog for about...two months now, it wasn't until I got a certain anonymous comment yesterday (Mum? Eve?) that I thought; yeah, better get on that.

I have lots of great excuses though, such as;

-I handed in my FMP at college last week, after we literally built our exhibition, you know that joke/saying if you gave me forty years to do homework i'd still leave it to the night before ? well that is my life, so it's been pretty stressful and it involved an all nighter, and literally painting until the second my lift arrived on hand in day. I just work really well on a deadline or not at all.

- I don't have tonnes to blog about; 85% of my friends have been away at uni finishing exams, and I've been stuck painting things, so the last month or so has not been a party...but less than a week and we can all be reunited, with tequila! and music! i'm so excited.

-Half the keys on my laptop stopped working about a month ago, for no logical reason, without warning, so i'm typing everything from an on-screen keyboard, which, if you've ever done it, you will know its soul destroying.

So, other things,
-I'm going on holiday!! soon! if you couldn't tell, I am so excited. I am also not remotely prepared, we booked really late, which means we are staying in what is probably an expensive hellhole, and I've been trying to save spending money.
Which is how I found myself spending about 12 hours over the past three days, emptying every single kitchen cupboard, scrubbing them out, sorting the contents, putting them back, deep cleaning the fridge, scrubbing the outsides, the skirting and all surfaces, and steam cleaning the floor.
It was a terrible experience, which I hope never to be poor enough to have to repeat, and it made me think about a lot of things, such as;
-What peculiar things my parents keep in their kitchen,
-How gross it all was,
-And how sad I felt for my manicure, which was destroyed. laptop just shut itself down...someone doesn't want me to blog!

I'll post more this week, but for now, me and my baby teddy, who i am 100% obsessed with.


Anonymous said...

Nope, I am not your Mum, nor am I your sister. I live in the states. Texas. Heat, humidity. Slow death. Not really. It sure does feel like it though!

Tana Essary said...

Love, love, love the portraits!!!

Thanks for resurfacing. And I prefer the posts about your art, your family, school stuff, over the partying any day.

Hugs, girl.

EVE said...

yay your back wooohooo

Nonie said...

Glad to have something to read online again!! Love you lots xxx

sarah, rsm said...

I'm with Tana! :)
Glad to "see" you again!

Anonymous said...

Hello Maddy,
Hope you are well and living life to the fullest. Please let us know how you are doing. We miss you!

Anonymous said...

Where are you Maddy? Please update your blog soon.

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