Sunday, 14 April 2013

Hello 19.

I'm 19 now.
I can't really believe that this time next year I'm not going to be a teenager. boo. my dad was talking to me about saving up for a deposit and a mortgage today.
If I have any money in my bank account its a good day, who's moving out?!

Not me.

Something really sad happened in our area this weekend, really sad, I won't say what, because then you could basically knock on my door and say hello, but it made me sad and grateful I get to be so old.
I'll take it.

I'm a couple months away from being done with college (!) which essentially translates to I have about 5000 hours worth of work I'm supposed to have done and must now squeeze into a couple weeks.
As usual :)

I'm feeling pretty optimistic about it all, Eve, bless her, is my sitter for my final pieces, she is not happy about it, but, she let me make her look ridiculous for me....She doesn't yet know that I'm a make her re-shoot them all tomorrow because I want to put flowers in her hair.

My dad even took me to hobby craft to get my canvas' the car, far away, too the shops.

My favorite thing about my days at the moment are this little guy, who, I am still, entirely obsessed with.
He sleeps a lot, and plays a lot, and when he meets someone new he goes absolutely crazy which means everyone gets the impression he's scary, but he's literally a little teddy bear.
And if your ever looking for him, he will be here. 
Every single time. ever since we got him, can you spot the part of the wall he's chewed off?!
He sits there and looks/barks out the window all day long- I love walking in my drive when I get home because he's sitting out the window looking for me- Its the best.
I've honestly become crazy cat lady just with a dog.
Can you spy my new piercing? its poking out, I got my Anti helix pierced a couple months ago...It's the thickest part of the ear and holy is not a well behaved healer, actually me and a few friends all got it within a week of each other and everyone says it was a bitch pain.
But you know I still love it and getting it done was a piece of cake.

Hope your having a lovely day!


EVE said...

jeeze thanks maddy

Leah said...

Happy Birthday!! :)

I think your sister will love both the photos and art in years to come, capture her youth and done by her sister as well!! She's beautiful :)

Tamsin North said...

Yay, I like it when you blog :)

Anonymous said...

It's been about 2 mos. since your last post. Please let us know what you have been up to, and how life is treating you.

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