Sunday, 6 January 2013

We got a puppy!

Isn't he beautiful!?

We're all absolutely in love with him already, and we only got him yesterday.
His name is Teddy, and he already knows its his name!
He's a ten week old Cockapoo, so we're told, his mum was a beautiful chocolate cocker spaniel, she was lovely, and his dad was a black miniature poodle, just like our lovely panda was, it's funny because he really does remind me a lot of panda in looks, he is absolutely tiny too!

It's been nearly 20 years since my parents last had a puppy, although we had always had dogs up until last November  so, we weren't 100% on what to do, he wouldn't sleep for a while last night, not because he was missing his mum, neither of them were bothered when he left actually, he just wanted to play, he's a bundle of energy and even when he's sleeping, every time he hears a tiny noise he sits up to see what's going on, he loves looking at his reflection too, its so funny, he's not really supposed to be on the sofas, we're trying to train him, but I was in charge of him this morning, and I was watching free willy, he was sitting in his bed on the floor, he kept trying to jump up but he's too tiny, so, he started crying and in two seconds flat I gave in, he was Adorable.

I'm in love.
and his name is teddy.

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