Friday, 11 January 2013

Taking family photos, and some really (un)helpful tips

We took a sibling photo to give out framed to the adults in our family that would be coming for Christmas Since I am the family picture taker, I've always got a camera in my hand, meaning I am not included in the array of fun pictures I have of the others unawares- I noticed that, especially in our house, there are just pictures of us all from about ten years ago, pretty much none since we're all "grown up" (yeah right).

I am the micro manager that typically has to just tell the others exactly what to do, which is what I find easiest to get them organised. I gave them a date, a time frame, and told them the vague colour theme I wanted them to dress in- honestly, its just easier this way, even if I sound like a monster, Olivia had heard that grandparents love photos of their grandchildren, so, she was my support, once Oli says something, you sort of know its law.
Then I bought a tripod from our Christmas presents for the adults fund we all chipped into. They were laughing at me like "Maddy thinks its going to be so hard to take this picture"


It was a really stressful morning, I had to get everybody up, Oli was in charge of Alex, whilst I got to do all our hair and make-ups, now, not me, I pulled the short straw in this one, but my sisters have the thickest hair in the world, it is also obscenely long (read- the length I wished mine looked good at) and curly. Hellish.
I did (touch wood) get the clearest skin, you win some you loose some.
Oh and I don't have a remote for my camera, and I don't trust the others, so I got to fit in some running too.

Some things we did;

1. Smile like an angel.
If like me, you have an 11 year old brother who, when asked to smile, somehow does exactly what chandler does in that friends episode with the engagement photos, I recommend saying lots of rude words, swear words and even just screaming "tampons!" will also work. you will get an instantly relaxed half laugh-smile face, which is ideal.

2. Perfect set-up.
Walk around your garden looking for an area not covered in mud, or with old sheds, footballs, and rugby balls just hanging out in frame. Anywhere that doesn't look like that is ideal.

3.Be comfortable
Make sure you take your pictures early in the morning so you get good light with the added bonus of the grass being covered in morning dew, this will work really well- especially if its December, and therefore, boiling, to make sure everyone's in frame and just generally comfortable, lay a towel down on the ground for people to kneel on, a plastic bag would be to obvious, whereas towels adsorb water, so are perfect to make sure everyone's knees are absolutely soaked and ice cold!

Your welcome!

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Tana Essary said...

You girls are all so beautiful, and Alex handsome, of course!

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