Thursday, 13 December 2012

Frosty Christmas

No snow yet but........there is definitely frost.
I'm honestly not sure if I've felt cold like it, I've been going to sleep in a hoodie with a hot water bottle, my room is like a freezer.
You actually have to pass into two different counties to get to my college, and If I get a lift it's a lot of country roads and lanes, not really roads that agree with this weather, I've never seen it frost like this, every single twig, leaf, piece of grass and tree is white, when I opened the curtains yesterday morning at about 7:30 am I said to eve "I think it's the end of the world" it was 12.12.12 and everything was blue.

I'm taking time out of having a mental breakdown to write this, I'm giving Eve the silent treatment and I have a project deadline in 5 days with only half a project.
I can't even think about Christmas yet....but it's all I'm thinking about, I'm just trying to fast forward in my mind to this time next week, I'll be home for Christmas (mentally and physically) I can give Christmas shopping an attempt...
And mainly, thank god, my people are home from Uni this weekend, hallelujah.

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