Sunday, 30 December 2012


I can't believe it's over!
Christmas was nice, It's definitely different the older we all get, but its always such a surprise when its finally over and then it's new years already!
I had a nice Christmas day, I've noticed the older we get, the later everybody gets up on Christmas, bar Alex, there is no more 3 am stocking opening going on any more!

We're definitely very lucky and all get spoiled, I didn't get one present I don't love, I'm in the middle of trying to organise everything now, One of my favourites had to be finally getting a Claddagh ring from my grandma, she bought it for me the last time she was in Ireland,  I was the only one of my sisters without one and she had picked up on my (vocal) want for one, I love it, It's beautiful and I haven't taken it off since!

My auntie came down and brought her dog buddy, who, sadly was not our Christmas present (we're still working on mum about that since panda) but he was really lovely to have around the house for a few days.
I managed to escape the house for a Christmas party at a friends in the evening, which was really really nice, they had more shots than I've ever seen in my life, and we were home and tucked up in bed by about 4:30 am and even survived to go on the annual Stimpson sister shopping trip on boxing day with my is pretty much the only time we go shopping together every year.

And, hallelujah, everybody liked our Christmas photo we did as gifts!

And now...on to new years!

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