Thursday, 6 December 2012

A trip to the sea {Brighton}

Since everyone left for uni in September and October, It's been top of my list, above all the things I'm supposed to be doing, like work, to go on a visit.
I picked Trish  because, she's my person, and she's probably the closest, I miss her everyday, and......I kind of really wanted to go to Brighton because it's the coolest place ever.
And I could go with Chloe  which, was supposed to lessen our chances of missing a train, two minds are better than one and everything.
So, last Thursday morning, Chloe and I left for Brighton, we had to get three trains, which was long, and stressful, but whatever  and the best news was, Trish had talked two of our other, absolute best, favourite people, Andy and Hannah, into coming down from their uni's in York and Norfolk.
Admittedly, they had a longer and more stressful journey than us, but, I don't really like strange train stations, if there's more than five types of sandwich stand, I don't want to know, I can't make decisions like that.
We arrived the day before, and it was the best thing ever to finally know where she lives and meet (a couple of) her flatmates.
We went into Brighton by bus that went from outside her halls to Brighton itself whilst Trish was at a lecture, we got food....straight away, and a £5 cocktail that was so nasty neither of us could drink it.
we went shopping in the lanes, I had never been before, but I can imagine that, if all my money wasn't for going out at night, I would have had the best time ever, I much prefer it to Oxford street.
Except I did buy a pink, owl face, contact lens case, that I LOVE to death.
We met a load of her uni friends and bought a bottle of Malibu  and used our same bus tickets to go into Brighton to a club that was actually on the beach, like, right there, it was the best ever, and it was not full of awkward men like Watford is.
We got that same bus home again, and got to bed at 6am  when the fire alarm went off for about ten years, we did not move from our sleeping bags, and hoped for death.
It did not come, but the alarm eventually died.
When we got up, we thought, oh cool, its about 9am, what shall we do today?

It was 3pm.

By the time we had showers, it was pitch black and Trish had to go pick Hannah up from the station, by the time that had happened, we went to the shop for a breakfast of crisps and sandwiches  and by the time we had all squeezed back in and applied enough eye shadow for all of England  it was 11pm, and our other friends who were down visiting in our other friends flat next door (confusing?!) were all round, Trish went to pick Andy up and we found out his suitcase had been stolen on the train.
At first we were very sad for him, imagining if we had lost all our make-up brushes and glitter, then, the more we drank, the funnier it got, and by the time we were all reunited, and had given Andy enough disaronno to take away all his was 1:30am when we left for town.
We went to a bar, which was a bit dead, but it was so late that was okay, it did have the most offensively named shots ever, Andy had one that was set on fire, so you had to drink it through a straw?
he said it was like going underwater.
I did not try one.
I did have my first ever subway though, it was nice, I was just so surprised that subway was open at 4am? and that it had security, that was weird.

We spotted about a million rabbits too? Trish's campus is overrun apparently, and also. it was, and is, freezing, like the kind that is painful and means you have to sleep in a hoodie.

We had to wedge five of us in Trish's tiny room that night, I suspect if Andy's suitcase wasn't stolen he would of had to sleep in the bathroom.
Chloe and I headed back on Saturday morning...after making it onto two of our trains...we missed the third one :/ it wasn't what I needed after another 6am bedtime....I wanted sleep and chocolate.

Luckily, we didn't have to buy another ticket, and after diverting into London, we got home :)
It was the best time ever, I had so much fun, it made me kind of jealous of uni life, but I was so glad to get home I think it is fine for the weekends for me.
I will be going back asap.

Oh, and we had snow at college yesterday, like, real, settled snow, let us pray it moves to ruislip.

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