Thursday, 15 November 2012

Pumpkins, Onesies and Pandy

so, I know pumpkins are so October 31st, but, I'm lazy, so they're fine on November 15th too, apparently.
I've had the laziest week ever...the past three days I've woken up at
Its not like I don't know this could happen, which is why on every one of these days, I've had five alarms set, I really don't know how it keeps happening.

I somehow got talked into the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn tonight...I'm not really sure how, like, I like twilight  it's okay, but I wouldn't say I like it midnight-y, especially when I have to get up at 7, not 2pm, tomorrow, but, oh well.
I've heard it's good...except...did anyone read that last book?
Anyway, Its been a weird couple of weeks, I've been ill a lot, like the time I passed out and got a life drawing class. two feet in front of an old naked guy.
....that was awkward, especially because I went forward onto my easel and got charcoal all over my face.

I'm really excited, I've got a good couple of weeks coming up, friends home from Uni tomorrow, and then I am off to visit my girl by the sea- which, my train tickets arrived today, and I am a bit confused, they sent me a pile of about 20 different tickets, for different parts of the journey, so...I'm a bit confused, they have to work though, I do not want/cannot afford to buy any more train tickets.
so....lets hope that works out.
 Oh, and I bought Alex a onesie, because, I LOVE him, he's the best brother in the world, and I like that it makes him look like a giant baby...except, last night, he hid a fake spider under my pillow.....It did not go down well.

Oh, and this is what happened when I tried to put my camera on manual and work that out....I don't think I'll be doing that again in a hurry.


And this, people, is my dog, Panda, who had to be put down a few weeks ago....I could not be any more sad, this is a really old picture of her that my auntie sent me, she hasn't looked like that for years and years, but wasn't she pretty? I've never not had a dog, ever, we had Bertie, who's breed I can't remember, but he looked like a big old English sheepdog, he was black and white, he died a few years ago...maybe five years now, my parents got him way before they had any of us, a couple of years after they married I think.. then, just before they had me, they got Pandy, so, when I'm home alone now, I always walk into the hall expecting to see her in her bed and to say hello, but it's just quiet, and I really hate it, I always listen for her at night, I could always hear her walking about downstairs, and then I remember...or if someone throws a black jumper or something, on the top of the stairs in the washing pile, It looks just like when she curled into a ball and went to sleep on top of all our clothes.
I know it was the right thing for her, but...I miss her. depressing am I today..;)

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jodi said...

Sorry to hear about your dog. Your brother is adorable as are the pumpkins :-)

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