Thursday, 11 October 2012

Things on my mind.

Who noticed my little amateur go at getting this blog looking pretty?!
It's terrible I know, I'm going to let it sit there until it either drives me crazy or I work out how to make a proper one, so, y'know, never.
I think maybe that part of the reason I am never inspired to blog all the posts I write in my head is because this blog doesn't reflect how I want it to look.
I don't really know how you go about finding people to help with blog design, I want something that looks really illustrated but with a dreamcatcher theme- I'm obsessed!- but so far I've practically thrown my laptop down the stairs at the frustration of trying to work with gimp and then had a little go at a five year old's version of what I want in good ole' paint...can anyone tell I've got stressed about this? :)

I am also trying to work out where to start with image sizing...I want my portrait pictures to come up the same width as my landscape ones...and for them to be the same width as my post, but nothing's working, Google is just confusing me now, I did however...I think, manage to remove my image shadows with some googling and css editing, win!

I'm busy, behind on everything in life as usual, and my room is so messy It is making me's almost 2 am, and I'm 90% going to have a clear out the second I detach myself from my laptop...don't worry, eve would sleep through an earthquake.

I've been up in London a few times this past week, at the V&A, Covent garden, and I met Oli after uni one day...I knew it would be about the only chance we'd have to catch up since she's here about four hours a week it feels like!- I think she appreciated it, we planned some stuff and I collected conkers to put in every corner of my room (old wives tale) on the way home.

As you can see, leaves, leaves everywhere!
I love October, love it.
I love that you can literally feel the air turning colder, and all those beautiful colours, and, dare I say it, that Christmas is creeping up! I just like it all...a lot, I may or may not have watched both The Grinch and The Santa clause today...oops!
Anyone with me in the October is awesome club?
Oh, and if anyone has a clue about any of the stuff I whined about above, please share!


Tamsin North said...

So I know this is all in Norwegian. but scroll down and check out the examples of her work further down: She charges about £32 or so for a header, and a bit more to help out with general blog design/layout stuff. And she speaks great English, so you could always email her with any questions :)

Sammi said...

tried talking to c jane or her sister stephanie about who does there's? i'm still using shabby blogs. tho i bollocksed that up the other day and had to keep resetting myself!

Pol said...

There might be someone on here?

EVE said...

olivia is wearing my hat

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