Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Surprising Alex, making memories.

I know.
That's a lot of pictures!
It feels like forever ago, I think its was about six weeks ago now, I decided to spend some quality time with Alex.
Alex and I get on really well, I absolutely love him to bits, and even though, like all 11 year old boys, he can be totally gross, and annoying, I really wouldn't change him for the world, having a little brother is the best.
Can't recommend it enough.

I was taking him somewhere on the tube one Saturday morning in the summer, and I was all..."THIS IS MY PARENTS JOB!" but I did it, and he was so adorable, he still holds my hand when we go out...and I know he does it more for my benefit than his, and I just thought- 'you are so cute' so when I got home, I phoned my dad who was away for the weekend, and asked how he felt about helping me out taking Alex to London zoo. by helping out I mean...I'm a poor student and this is me smiling for cash.

He was all for it, so, I booked a ticket for Alex and I, and kept my mouth zipped all week (this was tricky, I could talk for England)  then, as he was getting into bed the night before, I told him we were having a day out- just us two.
He was excited, so I was happy.

I chose London zoo because I thought...we can go to the cinema any time...shopping is boring for boys... London dungeon is the scariest place I've ever been in my life and he's just been to madam Tussaudes- my backup was the natural history museum, because its so cool!- but Oli beat me to that one earlier in the year.

I picked the day of the week that was supposed to be sunny, we'd had some rain and I didn't fancy being stuck out in London in a downpour...it was BOILING. honestly, but, it was also lovely.

The morning we were leaving I was doing a check of the worlds biggest bag...plasters, sunglasses,camera, phone, I felt stressed- I had also had to wake up early...the builder who had spent most of the summer fitting our bathrooms was so shocked to see me up before lunch he joked he about how glad he was I wasn't a vampire, and how he couldn't wait to tell his priest the good news. haha.

I had invited Eve on our trip...no thanks...I had invited mum, but she's not normally around Fridays  so when I noticed she was home all day, we persuaded her to come... and so then it was the best day ever..I didn't have to be in charge of Alex's life!

If you have ever been to Regents park, which the zoo sits on the edge of, and you have to walk through to arrive, you'll know its somewhere you go and feel happy to be alive, especially on a beautiful day, my grandma told me she used to walk through it every day at lunch when she was working...I didn't know anything about that before.

Alex loved everything, mum and I loved watching him, and...mum loves giraffes more than anything, and they really put on a show...I have 200 pictures to prove it...it was an awesome day, I'm so glad I took Alex, he's at big school now, and I know he's not going to want to spend all his time with us forever.

He's the best.

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Tana said...

You get a gold star for being such a sweet sister!

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