Thursday, 18 October 2012

chasing time

Busy, busy, busy- there aren't enough hours in the day any more!
I'm taking a break from sticking miniature newspaper dresses into my sketchbook to check in.
Its a really nice time of year, I love October  and this past week there are orange leaves all over the trees and the ground, and I love it!
I've made plans for tomorrow night- low key, I was supposed to be visiting friends at university this weekend, but had to make the sad, boring decision to stay home and do all the work that's due for my deadline on Tuesday- I shouldn't be going out at all.
I. am. freaking. out.
This is how I always do things, time management = not my thing.
I'm truly hoping to pull it out of the bag, optimistic? maybe.
I know it'll have its reward, everyone's coming home from their uni's scattered the length of England next weekend for a special Halloween night out, I am going as a devil, because I bought a pretty red dress a couple weeks back, and I want to wear it.
I didn't have college today, I watched hocus pocus to put me in the Halloween spirit as I did my sketchbook.
It worked, I wish England appreciated Halloween more, it's really kind of a no-show here.
You may also of observed my second pathetic go at prettying up this space- also crap, I'll fix it soon, promise :)

I've been looking at lots of options for when I find myself free of any life plan once again- aka June, I don't know, I feel pretty good about it even know nothing is sorted.
Optimist? trying, I'm reading a book on Buddhism, trying to apply some of the ideas to my life, I like them all, but I'm just not nice enough for half of them.

Life is good yaknoww.

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