Thursday, 20 September 2012

Hello again.

Hello...remember me?
I had no intentions to let nearly two months pass me by, but its been such a different kind of summer than I've had before, and I've been enjoying it, so that's what happened;
I had such a good summer, since June I got to have the house to myself whilst everyone finished work/school, and then just doing my own thing, whether that was sleeping in past lunchtime {which I did all the time...:)} up to London with friends, hanging out in the pub, having the house to myself for two weeks with my mama...and going clubbing so much, that I've declined this weekends invite because I am totally over it.

The thing is, I just never felt inspired to sit down and blog, and the more good stuff I had I wanted to post about, the more I thought it would just take to long and so I left it, there's nothing I hate more than to come across a blog that has been abandoned, all the worse that it was my own.

I've just started something totally new, I'm way out of my comfort zone and still finding my feet, but that's what I'll have up next; stay tuned!

I have a summer of photos that I'll never get to post now, I'm going to post a special day trip with Alex for prosperity  and here are a bunch of random one's below;

I should have a couple more posts up this week (famous last words) so come back if your interested in what I'm up to now;


Pol said...

Welcome back to Blog land :)

Driving three Prince Girls said...

Glad your back I missed ya... :)

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