Friday, 21 September 2012

Change. happened.
I was very comfortable at my school, lots of friends, good relationships, and familiarity.
I had, and still have a great big group of friends, and for the last week, and the next three, lots of them have or are heading off for university, I knew it was coming, and its okay, there were goodbyes, but I know they're all home for Christmas, when the reunion over a cocktail in a club will be all the sweeter, and I'm lucky to have a few of my best friends home with me.
I had got to the top of the school at sixth form, I knew the teachers, I knew what you could get away with, and I had a really fun couple of years, not enough time in lessons, and not enough work, but fun, trips to the pub (our school is surrounded) picnics in the gardens in free periods on hot days, drives to drive thrus when we felt like it... I've had a really fun couple of years, and I liked it, I was kind of growing out of it, but honestly, if sixth form was three years long I would of been okay with it.

But as of June, I am done, and I'm sad about it, I wouldn't be surprised if the teachers weren't a little bit relieved, but I will definitely miss going in for my one lesson a day, eating in art, or the time after our exam was finished we were supposed to come back after lunch but we came back two hours later after sneaking off en masse to the pub, looking sheepish :)

The time in year 12 when we weren't allowed out of school in "study" periods, it was class time, the school was quiet and dark, and a bunch of us played hide and seek round the whole science block.
I will miss refreshing the website 100 times until it announced "schools closed" at 7am on snow days.

I will miss the town, it was set in the loveliest little town, very different from Ruislip, smaller, and cuter..and colder! I know obviously I will go there again, in fact, I drive through it most days on my way home, as silly as it sounds, on a beautiful summers day, walking through it with friends, you cant help but to smile.

But now I'm doing something different, I am still doing art, it's the only thing that I can learn a lot about and improve on...without starting from scratch, and I do enjoy it.
I started a foundation art course on Monday at college, I was lucky enough to have three great friends from my A-level art class there with me, and two them I went to Tenerife with, Lucy and Laura;

Here we are at a Japanese exhibit at the V&A a couple weeks back doing research
They make my day 100% more fun, definitely. The college is actually in the second county over, just, so it's a real trek to get to with gridlock traffic, but it's nice since we all travel together.

So far, we've all pitched in and made this mural...guess which bit is mine?
And spent a whole day stencil making...

Its really fun, there's definitely not the sense of community, and of vaguely knowing absolutely everyone, but it's okay..I'm still not really sure what is expected of me on this course to be honest, if its more art or more research, but I can only give it a go and see how I do, I hope for it to be a good fit for me.

We even made harajuku dolls and a 3d city.
Its a four day week and so today was a welcome day of nothing...I'm really out of the habit, and having to get up every day at a certain time is definitely a culture shock, and as someone who normally has a lot of trouble sleeping, particularly this time of year, I've been coming home for 5pm, after leaving the house at 8...and I'm in bed by 9pm, its not like I'm having a stressful day, but I'm definitely adjusting, which means a lot more sleep is needed!

So... life's changed a bit.
Its cool, and I just hope college works out well for me, and I like it, and it continues to be fun and challenging, I'm only just into it, so who knows!

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