Thursday, 2 August 2012

Girls holiday- The clubs,

(In case this is too many pictures, the big "story" is at the bottom, although, a picture tells a thousand words right?)
This is my favourite (that I'm allowed to post) picture from the whole holiday, we were at the big nightclub, classily named, Tramps, which did have dancers on podiums, who, we did get friendly with, and this is Hannah, just saying hello, Hannah is (or was) our deputy head girl people.

 What were the chances that one of our old friends Jess (front and center) would be in the same place, overlapping a couple days with us, we met up one night, and had a ball.

No one knows who this boy is.

 So, after the, fairly serene day pictures, here are the night times, slightly less pretty, and a lot more drunk, but, It was our girls holiday, so, as my pyjama top says, it was 'sleep all day party all night' for most of the trip.

Tenerife has quite a famous night life, the 'strip' with all the nightclubs is called the veronicas strip, and it was the biggest one in Europe up until pretty recently, it was so much bigger and crazier than we are used to, and usefully, like the sea, it was round the corner from our hotel.

The second you approach or get out of a cab the promoters are all over you, as they see a cab pull up they will open the door and start with "hi ladies, where you headed tonight?" and that will happen, every three steps until you manage to run the the "safety" of your chosen meeting place or club, in most instances for us this was an irish club we liked, this was after you had dodged the people trying to sell you stuff- and by stuff I mean giant sunglasses, and flashing hats- and the unfortunate girls lying on the ground.

And with the scene set so well, doesn't it sound amazing?! 
It was!

We would normally drink the free cocktails until the pool bar at our hotel closed at 11:30, go up to our rooms and make vodka mixers, and then someone would inevitably change their outfit (trish) or redo their make up (me, trish, and chloe), and we would get out the door from about 12-1am, we would hop from club to club, a couple times heading into the really massive nightclubs after everything else shutdown, the earliest we made it back was on the first night, where, after a lot of travelling, we got in at about 4, and after that we never made it in before 6:30, where we would sit in the lobby, annoying the very pretty spanish men at reception, until breakfast opened at 7, where we would eat, talk about how we were dying, and, after making the mistake of not going to sleep after being out until 7 once, we would head to bed for a few hours and resurface later in the day.

It was amazing, we were so lucky not to have any of those holiday 'horror stories' that did happen to some of our friends ( every. single. friendship. group. at our school did a big group holiday) the worst we had was protective dancing where we would form a circle to keep the questionable men out, and a lost phone at 5am, which, is such a good story to look back on, not at the time though, or for hannah *breaks to laugh

The music scene wasn't great, except in Tramps, where it was awesome, we always stayed there till closing time, 6:30am, and Tara (our ginger) is always, so confidant, so familiar, she would stroll right into that DJ booth and chat like there was no tomorrow (it was tomorrow already) and get all our songs on, after Hannah lost her phone, which, um, han, you don't mind, you didn't really take well...?! she requested that Hannah's phone specific ringtone would be played, which it was, so Hannah would look up like "my phone! It's saved!" which, um, it wasn't. Sorry Han, her bad.

We met some lovely people, which is always nice when 90% of the people in the club are lunatics/perverts/bouncers and drunk people (we are included in that 90%) and I convinced half the population of Tenerife I am Australian, I. have. the. best. accent. ever.
Its my drunk thing, except sometimes they would believe me for like two hours, and coming up with a life story on the spot and carrying it on, in Australian, as hard as it sounds.

 It was just the best time, sure, I ended up sleeping on a questionable sofa bed, and yes, the streets of Tenerife are crawling with cockroaches, (oh the stories!) but, it was awesome, although, a week was definitely enough, we got home at about 4am, the following Wednesday (a week stay) and all said "I love you but don't call or text me for a week, then we'll go out" which, almost worked, we went three days before going out.

Favourite picture from one of our 7am breakfasts, yes, that's a teapot.
Tara, to the point.

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