Thursday, 26 July 2012

Olivia, Olympic torchbearer.

So, I've been out of the posting mood since I got back from my holiday, lots to come, but first, I have to share the most amazing, incredible day ever!

24th July 2012, 6:03pm 

I was excited about Olivia being a torch-bearer, I was, but when It actually happened, when she stepped off that bus with that torch, and everyone screamed and cheered, and she danced around the road with her torch, it was seriously overwhelming, incredible.

She wasn't running through our high street, she was in Ealing, which is quite out of the way, but we found it okay, she had been dropped off at the torch-bearer shuttle bus location, and we didn't see her until she stepped off it again with the torch,
My aunt- who nominated Olivia! came down from Bournemouth, we got there, very early, so we hung out in a beer garden, and walked down (a good way) through the streets, which were just buzzing, people everywhere, it was such a great atmosphere, it was also 31 degrees, so, we were, quite warm.

We made our way to the beginning of where Oli's run started, we spoke to her a couple of times on the bus, where she was hanging out with Olympic athletes running too, and Boris Becker, casually.

People started lining the streets, all along the road, it was really cool, so, so many people made the journey to our "camp" at the beginning, all her friends, their parents, old family friends brought their whole families, neighbours, the taxi driver who had taken her to and from college after her operation, George, he and Oli were thick as thieves, brought his whole family, honestly, maybe 40 people? 30? lots anyway.
They got time off work, they sprinted down the road to make it in time, it was really amazing.

Alex has sweaty hair, it was a beautiful day, I tried to be restrained with pictures, but really?! I couldn't help myself, I made it my mission to get lots of pictures Oli could be proud of, and look back on, and for our grandparents, It must be the blogger in me.

  Her friends made banners, the atmosphere was just incredible, it was so exciting,
 Policemen on bikes going about two miles an hour came past as the road was closed, waving,
 And the cool kids from the met police waving their dummy,
 And this was it, her bus! she got off, and a guy (our saviour) on a bike rode up, she was hugging us and hanging out, I was like "so your taking it slow? your not going to run?" she hadn't started, turned out, they gave us time to have family photos, only thing was, you cannot appreciate how excited everyone else was to see the torch, people ran across the road and were crowding her, throwing their kids at her for photos, this guy on a bike, confirmed who she wanted around (us) and had to be quite aggresive in his tone to stop people literally just standing and smiling next to us in our family photos, but it was exciting.

 Sponsors drove past, they played music and cheered her on, people wizzed past on scooters, it was awesome.

 This was really emotional, when oli saw mum, mum was so happy,

They were so excited, it got a bit much when we were taking our own photos, its so lovely how excited everyone was though,
 here he is, mister hero

The best line was when a lady behind Eve said "why do the family get priority to have photos over the public?" go figure!
 more guys turned up as the other torchbearer approached to do the "kiss" and light Olivias torch, which is where it went insane,

 I thought once they started running, we would wave her off, but the atmosphere, we all sprinted like there was no tomorrow, cameras flying everywhere, I was all "go on oli!" and "we love you oli" at the top of my lungs, I wanted her to know that we were still with her, cheering her on, and so pleased for her,

Lucky Oli would take direction when I called her name, because she knew I was trying to get pictures, sometimes I wont take a camera, when Im out with friends, like the last couple weeks, because I want to be in the moment, and enjoy it, rather than worry about getting pictures, but it was all part of it, and the day was incredible, it just added to it,

Those were her security, there were six of them running with her, she was limping all evening, but it was worth it for her, I am not a sprinter, clearly, but gosh we all just ran, so we got to see her pass the flame on at the other end,
she had to go straight back on the shuttle bus with the other runners afterwards, for security, but we met her back at the house and had a party,

 my grandma, she was so proud,
  Oli with all her friends, jacks brother and cousin, Leah and Stephen in front with the banner, running for Jack,

I didn't get to bed until 2am, it was a really special day, and I was so proud to see her do it, and have everyone cheering her on, even if you can see me sprinting like a lunatic on the news footage of her running, I'm not a runner, I already said that, but c'mon,

I am so excited for the Olympics now, its just such a great time over here!

Congratulations if your still here!- I will be posting everything else I've missed out, including all the gossip from my holiday (okay, I'm obviously not allowed to tell any of the gossip, but you can see some pictures of us looking rubbish!) soon! have a lovely day,


Pol said...

Yay for Torchbearer Oli! It seems such a long time since the torch passed through my town (end of May!) Assuming that my Mother in Law doesn't have another major health crisis over night (sadly common at the moment) we are hitting the road tomorrow morning to to drive to London. Staying over night at my Brothers near Ilford - then off to see Olympic Judo on Saturday morning! EXCITMENT!

Sammi said...

i am having a good cry at this post! it's so beautifully written, and i know i don't know her at all, but after reading about her accident and everything i feel so proud of her on all of your behalves! i'm sure jack is looking down on her so proud of her & what she has achieved.

is she keeping her torch? that would be amazing.

Leah - Bogue Living said...

That's so exciting!!!! You've made me tear up too :)

Anonymous said...

How wonderful. I am sitting here totally crying. What a happy, happy inspiring thing to see.

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