Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Girls holiday- part I

Oops! So, I got back from my girls holiday three weeks ago, I guess I've been readjusting to England, aka, going out a lot :)

So, beginning of July, eight girls, headed off on our first, parent free holiday!
We were headed to Tenerife, in the canary islands, which in case you don't know (I didn't) is property of Spain and the language there is Spanish, but it is closer to Africa, right off their coast I believe. 
Its a volcanic island, if that means anything to anyone, (geography, absolutely the worst thing you could ask me about) And it was pretty much at least 30 degrees, bright sunshine all day long.

So your not too lost, the girls I went with, we all go to sixth form together, have known each other years, and love each other, Here below, is most of them, just minus me and Hannah (short dark bob) who is on here all the time, so forgive me, but when I talk about people, here are (most of) them (no judging, it was late/early)

Okay, so for me, one of the big things was, my first flight, yes people, it has taken me until 18 to have my first air plane ride, which had really built up the anticipation, and yes, I was nervous, I knew I was just nervous of the unknown, but still, I was not a happy lady during take off (or landing) but the flight itself, boring, boring, boring, I spent most of the time annoying Trish by looking out the window going 

"WOW! I can see the sea! there's Spain! there's Portugal!" 

But, I don't think it's something I will worry about in the future, it was okay.

The Hotel
Overruled by our worrying parents we didn't slum it, we stayed at a nice (aka safe) hotel right round the corner from the beach, and the strip, and went all inclusive so they knew we would never run out of money for food, as the food and drinks were all covered, the eight of us were split across three rooms, and due to some unfortunate bagging, I ended up sleeping on a sofa made up like a bed, (not a sofa bed) in the living room of our massive little suite, with a gigantic balcony, overlooking...the next door hotel, but it was okay, and It meant I deemed the whole living room my space and put my stuff everywhere.

The sun,
Our hotel had a massive pool, where we sat out a couple times, but after we went to the beach I knew I much preffered it, there were women of all shapes of sizes, everywhere, wearing just bikini bottoms, sometimes less, so I felt just fine in my swimsuits, the sand, I did not anticipate, being like fire.
We would get sun loungers, with parasols, although I did tan and wanted too, I also used the most sun cream out of everyone, and only me and Laura, bar a teeny bit of pinkness by my strap marks day two, did not burn, everyone else...nah.
It was so funny to watch everyone get to the end of the walkway, take a step onto the sand, then run, like the wind, in swimwear, or less, to the sea, where they would dive in to get away from the sand- it was funny until we had to do it anyway.

I am a water baby, so I spent most of my time in the sea, tara is too, and whilst she loves it, she also loves saying "ooh watchout for stingers, they wrap themselves round your legs, they're too small to see though, and stingrays, oh, and jellyfish, and sharks!" there were, none of those things, and the water was crystal clear, I did spend an awfully long time floating above the sand though.

We did sleep a lot in the day,
My favourite day was our last day, we got in at 5am, I had not packed, up at ten to pack, missed breakfast, eat old crisps, and then drag everything down the hall to Tara, Laura and Lucy's room, which did not have to check out till 6pm, we spent the whole day, jammed on that bed, being stupid, it was so funny.

We were definetly ready for our own beds once the week was up though, it was a bit of reality when we got on the plane home, and were told it had been delayed due to severe thunder and lightening storms back home, which is what continued, the next two weeks, rain, rain rain.

I love England,
Obviously this is a bit boring, that's because all the photos of us looking drunk/stupid/dead/fat/emotional, are going to be coming up tomorrow, in a separate post, because no one's attention span is that long.

ooh a fly!

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Sammi said...

I know you're back now and this advice is kinda too late BUT NEVER RUN ON CANARIAN SAND!

The heat of it, with the sun on it can cause instant burns that require hospital treatment, and mean you won't walk for the rest of your holiday!

Otherwise- having read both your posts- looks like you had a lovely holiday. I totally miss doing that, people who work in the Canaries kinda go out the same times you did, and get home around 6-7am! We used to hit up the bakery on the way home for breakfast and then go for a sleep :)

I never made it across to Tenerifé but this is one of the first good times I've heard of there.

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