Sunday, 24 June 2012


As the title may have given away,
This post is about prom, which has been and gone now, it was fun, which, I would imagine is the idea.
I mean, it was quite stressful, I did not get a dress until about 12pm the day of prom, which, is cool because I ended up accidentally matching my ladies really nicely- when we got to our pre prom party, almost all the girls were in black/black and white/ one in white/ and a lot of black lace, who knew!?

(sorry, iphone photos, we were, as always, late)
This one is my favourite, I think we were talking about how upset we were not to of had time to paint our nails, a topic close to every girls heart.

Jemma, Megan, Chloe and I (Jemma and Chloe- holiday buddies!)

I mean, I may of had more fun at our pre prom party at Oona's house than at prom, but maybe that was because they had fruit punch and her mum was a cutie, but I couldn't tell you.

Essentially, it was fun, the prom was good, I didn't really appreciate that the bar was super expensive, £5.50 for a vodka and coke people, you can buy vodka by the bottle for that!

Do I sound old yet?

But there were a lot of laughs, and it was fun to head into town afterwards, even if forgetting my keys meant mama wasn't so excited to see me when I got in.

Speaking of my mama, 
She was off to a ball the next day, looking way more glamorous than I did at prom, I had to give her an up-do, even though I don't know how to do that stuff.
I think we did okay though.

Isn't she lovely?

Anyway, the point is, prom is over, school is over, and I absolutely love having the house to myself about five days a week, except we've had a bathroom fitter here everyday for about two months, and we still only have one bathroom. It must be living in such a madhouse, I love waking up to quiet (or drilling) and making a mess of the kitchen without getting shouted out about it until hours later, its the best.

Even if it means I have to pick Alex up from school every time my mum can think of an excuse why I have to, I suppose I don't mind it really, because soon he'll be off to big school, and I won't be able to walk up and pick him up, carry his rucksack home and buy him ice cream, aka, be his favourite sister.

Holiday in 9 days!

You can read about my year 12 prom here.


Pol said...

I'm a bit stunned to realise that you have done your A levels and are leaving school - seems no time since you were doing your GCSEs (I think that might be about the time I started reading your blog). Do you have any plans for next year yet?

madsta said...

@pol- Tell me about it!
Plans for next year are all a bit vague, but fingers crossed I'll be continuing with something Arty!

Sammi said...

Glad to hear you had a good time at the the prom.

I never got to my last one (due to moving to Spain) so I don't have that last bit of closure with my friends.

Love your dress!

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