Friday, 1 June 2012

Leavers day

Art class (almost) 
Nicole and I, outside our sixth form
All a bit much in the pub 
Leavers honey!
I've done it, I've successfully not been kicked out of school for the past seven years!
Leavers, for those not in the know, is just my schools fond farewell for the beginning of study leave (aka exam period) around this time of year for the year 11s, whom some might not continue on to the sixth form, and the year 13s, in sixth form, meaning no more lessons, just exams and prom.

It is an assembly, with absolutely hilarious video farewells from our teachers, I mean hysterically funny, the senior prefects got all our year seven photos up, and one of the up and coming singers in our sixth forms performed for us, she was amazing, not to mention the awards,

Once that was done we walked up to the church, which was SUCH a task, everyone dresses up, and I can't tell you some of the girls heels were so high, I had to hold Trish's hand the entire way to protect her from the ground.

Mine weren't too bad, even if they were the skinniest heel I have ever worn.

It was just a fun day, even if there is a pub opposite, our school, the walk honestly nearly killed us all.
Even though they cutely provided a cake, we were so hungry (up at six am for make up = no time for breakfast) we just legged it for lunch.

It was fun, it wasn't all tears like year 11, I just don't think anyone has quite accepted that this is it, we're all moving on, growing up, and leaving each other, it's sad, and exciting, and sad. 
I'm just hoping everything works out for the best, and this next year is awesome.

Here's to exams!

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Sammi said...

Awww I never did this, I left at the end of year 12 so I never had the last of everything and moving on thing.

Massive amounts of luck and encouragement for your exams! You will do absolutely fine, I am sure! I remember you saying your Dad was disappointed about art school back along, is that definitely what you've decided on? X

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