Saturday, 2 June 2012

Getting our flag on.

Its the Jubilee weekend!
My dad bought us a flag to hang out the window for Queenie, but that's a pretty long window, so that was the only way it was happening, as only the end two open, Dad was massively helpful by leaning against his car and telling us it was wrong.

Our weekend plans are a bit unclear, I wanted to go all out but our street never seems quite organised enough for street parties- Not to mention I've woken up this morning (5am to be exact) with a bug, so have been in bed all day feeling supremely sorry for myself.

Is anyone doing anything special?


Sammi said...

I worked! Hooray!

Tho' we did go to the Street Party after party in Chetnole afterwards, it was a lot of fun socialising with people I usually serve alcohol to. Nice to do once in a blue moon.

Anonymous said...

I am sure I could Google it, but I will just ask here...what is Jubilee weekend? It has something to do with the Queen, right? I am American so I have no idea. ;-)
P.S. LOVE your blog! :-)

madsta said...

Don't worry, I was entirely confused by the whole thing up until last week- It's the 60th anniversary of the queen on the throne, there will never be another one in our lifetime :)

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