Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Being spontaneous

I am not spontaneous.
Before I buy a new lipstick I look up the reviews online, and I've been debating a new piercing for 6 months.
so, I'm not spontaneous.

But, one of the things I told myself at new years I was going to do this year, was 'seize the day' if you will and not let experiences and opportunities pass me by.
On Saturday morning, I got an email from a promoter, essentially offering a limited amount of free tickets to Avicii's tour on Monday night- has anyone heard levels? 
He's a DJ, and had a number of supporting DJs, 
Not really sure what I was thinking, I got four tickets, maybe I would give them all to Oli?
Long story short, yesterday, myself, and a VERY excited Olivia and two of her friends, headed off to the O2 arena,- the old millennium dome.
what I found most interesting was that Oli does not reply to my texts. 
Except when I offer her some Avicii tickets, she replied in the same minute people.
It was honestly the most amazing night, I will definitely look back on it as one of the best nights this year.

our view

The music was AMAZING, no, it's not the kind of music I'm going to listen to in my bedroom, but when your there, it was amazing, Oli was in her element, she's a really amazing dancer, so she was showing off like nobody's business, I still love going out with her, I feel like we missed out on a lot, so we're making up for lost time. 
everyone was a bit drunk...
It was just amazing, we didn't sit down the entire time, even though that meant by the time we were on the train home, Olivia's leg was ruined, and she limped the whole way home.

Partners in crime
Its so funny, when we go out together, they are so protective of me, even if one of her friends is less than a year older than me, you wouldn't know it, mums all "don't leave Maddy on her own, make sure you stay together" as if I've never left Ruislip before, 
I kind of like it though.

So, that was me, being spontaneous, and I'd do it again.

Its 12:45pm, and her friends are still asleep on the sofas, hahaaa


Sammi said...

God, I'm an old lady I have noooo ide who Avicii is?!

Looks like you had a great time though, my dear, I'm really glad you and Oli are getting to do things together, making up for lost time as you said X

Auntie Nonie said...

Sounds like a cool night - glad you took the opportunity when it arose and had a sisterly lovin' night out!!! xxxxxx

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