Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Turning 20.

Hello there,
Remember me?
I've actually been busy, which is unusual, It must be 18.
18 is busy, I've found.

So, a couple of weeks ago, Oli turned 20!
Three cheers for Olivia!
Now typically, I feel like inviting your little sister out for your birthday, is kind of embarrassing, however, when she's 18, it is, apparently, a novelty, All of her friends were a lot older- even than her, so they were all

 "bless the little 18 year old's, look at them, with their drinks"

My dad was away for the weekend of her birthday with Eve and Alex, meaning we weren't woken up with the usual Saturday morning ritual of "the house is a mess!!!!" at 8am.
We were headed to Picadilly institute, up in London, which is the coolest place ever, and makes Watford, where we normally go out, look embarrassing, it's got waitresses in corsets and tutus, velvet skull wallpaper, black leather booths, and disco balls.
It's also got happy hour from 5-9.

I was told to bring two friends to escort me home on the last train, because I'm not known for my excellent sensibility.

So I chose my least sensible friends.

They provided the hats.

I seriously loved being out with Oli, dancing, drinking, we've never really been able to do that before, so she was seriously the cutest, I had the best night.

We got bought a lot of drinks, we bought some, and stole the rest.

Oli and her friends were going back to someones house, so we were getting the last train, it got a bit messy towards the ends, but we made it back and met the most charming french man on the way home, his name was Fleur'ant, and he was a babe.

2am, rock n'roll baby.

Best night ever, even if I lost my lipstick.

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