Sunday, 22 April 2012


Here are some pictures of life lately, I've been to busy living it and sketching for it to post them all, so here goes!

Busy busy busy here right now, 
It's the final push before my art exam on Wednesday so I'm freaking out, as per.
I may or may not have gone to town last night though, to escape, I am really loving eighteen, there was a bit of post eighteen sadness that I'm supposed to be responsible now, but don't worry, I was thoroughly irresponsible last night, tequila shots lined up with a random man who kept telling me to smile
because I've "got such a lovely smile"
And dancing with my friends, this is what I'm supposed to be doing. (although my teachers would probably (correctly) disagree) 
I have so many blisters I may never wear shoes again, but even though I must of dropped my bag 100 times,  my new powder didn't shatter.
I headed home with my Ruislip lady Tara at 3:30am, and slept until 2pm, and spent this evening drawing to cover for it.
I can't wait for summer.

Can not wait.

2am here and I'm off to do some sketching, 
Wish me luck!

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Sammi said...


have you been to the harry potter studio tour?????????

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