Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Being 18- the day.

So, you may know that I turned eighteen last week, 

I was born on March 27th 1994- my due date didn't you know?

I had sixth form on my birthday, no lessons, but an hour and a half of art to be done during my frees first thing, it was a ball as you can imagine- and just as I walked into the common room our table exploded with a chorus of happy birthday and a birthday cake which they were furiously lighting candles on, my birthday card, was the best thing I've ever got in my life.

My gorgeous mama picked me up and we headed to a MAC counter and I had an hour and a half...lesson? where we tried out some products and bought some things,

We mooched around for awhile and headed home, we have had (until today) the most gorgeous weather, like summer was already here, so I sat out in the garden with Oli and friends, who were all;

"I can't believe your 18"

Because they've spent the past five years smuggling alcohol into the house for me on intricate pully out the window systems, although, not so much as I've got older, the 'rents are pretty cool.

This was at about 7pm, it was so sunny!

We went for dinner where my family got me absolutely smashed.

It was the key west coolers- after two I was like to my dad and the waitress no I shouldn't have any more and they were all like nooo! one more!
They were bloomin' delicious if I say so myself.

But I started to get so drunk I could not eat my dinner even though I remember it being delicious so I divided it up amongst my siblings, but now I really want to go and eat there.
Like right now.

This was the Key west coolers taking hold, In my defence, Olivia must of had 6 beers, but, in her defence, she's not a lightweight like me.

Table conversation included the horridious topic of what I'm going to do next year, and my dad insulting me 
for not being as clever as Eve.
yeah right.

Bless him, I found this on my camera, must of been when we slipped away for smokers break- not me!- Its Alex's birthday today actually, but him, dad and Eve have been staying in a beach hut on the dunes at the coast that are only accessible by land train since Saturday-

They're back later this week, let me tell you, it's been peaceful here- Alex was actually due on my birthday y'know.
which I remember not being okay with at the time.

When we got home I needed a brief nap and then Oli and her friend sally took me to the pub, where I was, unfortunately sloshed, and fell in love with the bar man because he is from south Africa and has the most beautiful accent in the world- I had a bottle of cider and we rounded of the night with a shot of disaronno, which, by the way, tastes like marzipan, and is gross.

So, that rounds off the day itself, of which I needed a bit of a rest the following morning, but it was lovely, and I got some lovely make-up, and cards, amongst them, not to mention my girls holiday and driving from my father.

So that's cool,
Stay tuned, the rest of my birthday celebrations will be posted shortly!

Have a lovely day,

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Auntie Nonie said...

Thank goodness you're back! I heard about the cocktails and began to wonder if oli had actually killed you off on your 18th!!!
It is sooo boring logging on to no posts from you!!!
Anyway, glad you had a good birthday and that you can legally drink now (hehe).
Lots of love XXXXX

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