Sunday, 8 April 2012

Being 18- celebrating.

So, Turning eighteen,
A big deal,
Although, ever since they realised I would be turning eighteen my family have been telling me that it's 21 that's the big deal- why? it's not like in the US of A where we get to drink?
I've been buying small bottles of alcohol for the heck of it since I turned eighteen,


So, the Friday after my birthday, I had a big dinner with friends and then back to mine for alcopops,
the excitement!

They chose to pile the empty alco pops and cider bottles in my hedge, why, why?

And that was that until Monday- well, there's a part three to this enthralling series that took place on Saturday, but to keep things in groups, that'll come next,
This post, is about the alcohol,

And the outfits- I decided to post both pictures, my mum took these for us as we ran out the door because our taxi was waiting, and bless, she's not too great at focusing, but I prefer the more unfocused one, because it makes me look like I actually have a neck,

It's tricky, town.
We were headed "up town" it's not my local town- its Watford high-street which is packed with clubs and bars, but at my school its just "up town" to everyone,
So any ways, up town (we met more people there) to celebrate me being eighteen, unlike most of the my year, I'd never bothered attempting going "up town" without my proper ID, so I waited until I had actually turned eighteen, we went to a couple of places, had lots of shots and Jaeger bombs, and a really good time,

Olivia said that she called me about 2am and I was sitting outside oceana (the nightclub) and all I said was "it's so wonderful here" as anyone who's sat outside a nightclub at 2am will tell you, it's rarely wonderful.

But it was so fun, and, now I've tried it, I'm wondering who wants to go to student night on Monday, because it sounds so appealing right now,
From town,

Hanging out on the toilet floor after giving up on our heels,

It's Easter Sunday now, I'm pretty tired, so maybe tomorrow I'll end up re-writing this, 
who knows, 
so, part two of being eighteen, 
Happy Easter!- Eve thought I was weird for saying have a nice Easter to a shop assistant today- that's not weird right?- I'm not going to wish her a bad Easter am I?

1 comment:

Sammi said...

love this post.
being happy drunk outside a nightclub at 2am when you're eighteen is the most wonderful place to be.
i love your dress, where is it from?
enjoy being eighteen, being twenty isn't all it's cracked up to be!!

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