Monday, 19 March 2012

Exciting news (!) and a yellow bag.

Oh hey guys,
A few casual notices, nothing big or historic or anything.
Auntie Nonie- I bought the yellow bag (except I had a voucher which always makes me feel like I'm stealing which really tickles me)
Its more of a pastel yellow, and it's ma knew baby.
I've also been accumulating clothes to wear out for my 18th (next Tuesday guys!)
One of my dresses arrived in the post just as I got home from sixth form tonight- loving it!
However the second I ordered my shoes and another dress I felt like I would probably send them back, we'll see.

Interview for college tomorrow, I spent all day making my portfolio today, stressy or what?!
Actually I should probably be working on it right now.

I had a good weekend, it was mothers day, we were shopping for our mamas presents and my bag on Saturday in Watford and one man started chasing our car with his bulldog and swearing at us after we slowed down to let him cross the road and someone else just walked up to Eve and I and swore at us, I also started to faint on an escalator which was awkward and a bit.
I feel like they can just tell we're from Ruislip, I mean, really?

Dad spent mothers day burning down one of our sheds, obviously.

Okay onto the exciting news,
Guess what?!

I couldn't say anything until today but...

My big sister Olivia has been confirmed as an official London 2012 team GB torch bearer!!!

My aunty nominated her, and it took a really long time before she was confirmed, google it if your confused, but It's kind of a big deal, like, she will carry the olympic flame in her section of a relay which is happening throughout Britain.

It's so exciting, we can't wait to go and watch her in the outfit they all get :)
I think she really deserves it, I'm not sure if she'll be running or not, but it's not a very long distance,
She's one of lots of inspirational people chosen,
And I think it's really cool.


jodi said...

Congratulations to your sister and hope your interview went well.

sarah@boxwoodclippings said...

that's amazing, how exciting for Olivia and your whole family. i'm so jealous i'm not home in england for the olympics, it's going to be more fun that you can even imagine. slc winter 2002, was brilliant here in utah :)

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