Sunday, 5 February 2012

A snow news day.

This is what we woke up to this morning, I was really surprised actually, I mean sure I'd seen it on the weather forecast {that thing about British people being obsessed with the weather is true, I check it about four times a day} but when it started snowing yesterday evening, I didn't really see us waking up to this- it was a bit anxious really- My Mum was out in London wearing five inch heels, and dad was miles away- anyway, since We live in England, everyone is in a complete flap, as per, although, my dad works miles away, so whenever he see's snow it's like Christmas was cancelled you know?

{yes that is mine and Alex's harry potter sticker book that we bought and paid for and take it in turns to buy stickers for- say what?!}

I'd imagine we'll be dragged into school tomorrow, but I really hope not, I love to look at snow, but ever since I royally buggered up my ankle last year, I typically won't step foot outside in it {drama queen I know} I was at an 18th on friday, it was really good, but sadly I don't have any pictures to share, because I made the mistake of drinking vodka, anyway, you live and learn apparently, 

How's things where you are?


Pol said...

So jealous - we didn't have so much as a flake of snow yesterday - just freezing rain that left a layer of ice over everything - not the same at all!

Sammi said...

a bit wet! nothing settled here and by last night it was just raining. which was lovely because it meant i could get into work and have cuddles with emily whilst playing in the snow x

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