Saturday, 25 February 2012

*Settings lately.

{vices and valentines from The Dills}
{Pancake day}
{a la Maddy}
{Out to dinner on Friday in my new graduated skirt- Yes I'm pigeon toed, can't help it :}
{Cracker explosion in my school bag, crummy}
{Hanging my necklaces on my new jewellery hooks}
{Sorting through}
{I noticed spring creeping through outside}
{Q-tips everywhere}

{Bedroom finally tidy no thanks to Eve}

*I haven't had much to blog about the past couple weeks, do excuse me, here are some pictures from the past couple days and pancake day on Tuesday, I've just noticed my camera is basically a computer {of course I never read the instructions} so I've been playing around with the settings, I was looking at new lenses, I want a really wide one for landscapes but who knew they'd cost more than the camera?! Bear with :)

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