Monday, 13 February 2012


Pictures since Friday- I think.
1. Our food
2. Mamas first burger in forever
3. The (free) monkey nuts mama stole from our restaurant and crumbled everywhere
4. Mr snowman
5. Picture window
6. The reason my parents arent worried about Eve drinking coffee
7. My half finished valentine for my mama

Friday after a meeting and a single lesson right at the beginning of the school day mama and I snuck off to spend the day together in Windsor, this isn't something we really ever get to do, what with my mother constantly having several other children to keep alive, but it was really fun, she took me for lunch to my second favourite restaurant ever- Gourmet burger kitchen- obviously mine was a bean burger. She even offered to buy me the soleil tan de Chanel bronzer I've been talking about all year when I was sad because it looked like my evening's plans weren't working out (they did) but being a total angel I said no.
Although I've been regretting it ever since but whatever.
We also had a heap more snow on top of last Saturdays which had hung around the whole week because it hadn't risen above freezing- it's still there now too.

Speaking of valentines day- I'll be spending it at a restaurant likely full of couples in a rowdy group of 14 or so, planning to embarass my best friend as much as possible since she's EIGHTEEN! 
And I suppose it's lucky my mama is my valentine, since my dad snuck off to sign the card he'd bought her earlier, and realised he had bought an old christmas card!
Have a LOVEly day, 

1 comment:

Sammi said...

Enjoy your night- I will be working in a restaurant with 12 couples in :( sad times.

I am not a fan of Valentines Day but so far at work today I have gotten to play connect 4 with Emily all day- that is my kind of work.

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