Saturday, 17 December 2011

The great weekend- scavenger hunt.

Kind of sort of.
I was waiting in for ma mama to come home from the hospital after Oli went in for her op Friday evening, whining because I couldn't go to my SSU party, when my mum all of a sudden agreed Eve could watch Alex for the few hours until she would be home.
I was in the bath, when two of my best friends showed up from their pre-drinks to whisk me to the party.

I just really briefly washed and dried my hair, and slathered on make up- and in lei of a costume, I found a hat in the cupboard, and bam! I was rudolph!

It was a good'n, but, unusually, our venue was super strict, and a lot of people got in trouble with the bouncers, who were like hawks.
But y'know, those last couple of classic Christmas songs with everyone swaying in the crowd, arms around each other, were really, really awesome.
I also ended up sharing my cab with a few of the gorgeous girls I was out with tonight, which was fun- they were all like "now, she's calling us the second she gets home" to my poor cab driver when he dropped them off, although, he did take a wrong turn on the way home and I may or may not have hidden my house key up my sleeve.
{Megan the incredible, Chloe the angel, and Me...rudolph?}

Trish {blondie} wasn't drunk at all though, she was so sober we told the bouncers we were supporting her because her {one inch} heels were too high.

Oli's surgery went really well, done at just the right time apparently, and She's just back home, hobbling about, and, really, not complaining at all!
Tonight, I went up to Picadilly Circus {Amazeballs right?!} for one of my gorgeous friend's 18th's- it was a scavenger hunt, all across town, we had little instructions she had tea stained, with lots of things that may or may not have been illegal, and an anonymous number to call for further instructions when we finished- but if we're Facebook friends you can see pictures of my group members planking on a London taxi, and I had to run up to the most beautiful man you've ever seen in the street, and say 
"OHMYGOD! IT'S DAVID GANDY!- I don't believe it! we HAVE to have your autograph!"
As one of the tasks, he was a total and utter babe though, his name was Tom, and I may or may not be in love with him.
An error in teams had meant no one in our group was over 18.
Still got tricks up our sleeve's though.

{Emma, me, Tara, Oona.}

We had to traipse round London to a couple of specific pubs, after loosing a team member to illness, this was the "Jagerbomb" pub, which we really loved, the other pub told us where to go though.
We also did a few tasks in Chinatown.
We photographed everything with the disposable camera provided, if we get to see the pictures, I'll show ya.
We had to also crash a tourists photo, and, amongst other things, persuade a rickshaw at a traffic light to let us drive his bike for a minute, amongst other things involving policemen's hats and whatnot, bar doing sambuka shots at one pub, we did everything. {and after trying sambuka on Friday, I can confirm, there is no love lost between us. never. again.}
And it was the best, 
Actually the best.
Thank god, though, for Tara {ginger} having Google maps on her phone, we were all over, and we would not have made it without her!
It was so good 
We also got caught up in some sort of Santa race, hundreds of people dressed as father christmas roller-skating down the road, with the marshals dressed as penguins and elves, they were going like lightning, so this is all I got.

I know there is still tomorrow, but I've already had such a good time {touchwood} I even got curtains! which, with a window the size of a hamlet facing the front of the house, is the best thing, absolutely ever.

I absolutely loved this article- it made me want to do everything differently until I really needed to pop to the shop and buy a diet coke, Enjoy!

Hope your weekends been as good as mine!- g'won, tell me all about it!

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Sammi said...

i *LOVE* this post! that looks like the most fun ever!!

i wanna be facebook fwends?!

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