Thursday, 15 December 2011

Getting a tree.

Although I loved the simplicity of this tree, needs must, I needed something bigger for St nick to put all my presents under.

On my weekly Tuesday off- and Dad's one off Tuesday off, we headed down to the old manor barns for a tree, {Tamsin where we went to the farmers market}- of course Alex and I wanted an absoloute monster, approximately the size of our schools offering for this year.

It's in the middle of the central green- much better than last year's offering, which was, essentially, a large potted plant.
We picked a tree out- the same seller as last year- but he'd cut his hair and pulled up his trousers, and, I won't lie, he was a charmer- I spent ages checking out the mistletoe, He even offered to carry the six foot-three? tree to our car, when dad looked at him incredulously- "car?- no, we'll walk" he got lots of looks on the seven minute walk.
It was however a vast improvement on Last year's trip back- even if it was utterly magical

Which you can read all about {here}

To be honest, I'm not really into our decorations at the moment, I kind of think our tree looked really beautiful naked, but whateva.
Of course, our lights had blown, I got us some new one's in a 'study period' at school.

Done and Dusted!- I feel so flippin christmassy now school is over, the tree's up, and thing's are being prepared!

You can see our 2009 and 2010 tree's here.

My big sister Oli, is heading in for a big surgery tomorrow morning, it's a follow up procedure on her leg from the Crash,
We're feeling confidant, but if you feel like it, please send a prayer for a speedy recovery.

I loved Tamsin's post on her Norwegian Tradition of Julevask which you can read about here if your interested- I'm going to attempt to induce it on my room tomorrow to keep myself busy whilst Oli's having her surgury way away in central london.
Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Tamsin North said...

I recognized it as soon as I saw the building in the top photo. Such a great place to live close to!


And thanks for the shout out. I'm doing the living room next :)

madsta said...

Aww, I'm glad it was memorable! -Your welcome, I thought it was so interesting!- be sure to blog about the living room!

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