Saturday, 31 December 2011

Christmas 2011

I had a good Christmas.
We had my aunt down to stay with us and there on the day, for the first time I can remember, which was really nice, she's down with the kids.
Alex was so flippin excited, bless him, he had moved out of his room into his tent on the hallway, tied to the banisters so Eve and I could actually get out of our room, and He loved it bless him.
{Although, certain grown ups did not appreciate him being awake THE ENTIRE NIGHT, literally}
Alex did come into our room at half four in the morning, and try and make us our stockings, but we sent him packing, and did it at half seven, which is really late for us! Stockings are always my favourites.
I even got the best dreamcatcher, I love dreamcatchers.
I was a bit of a miserable sod Christmas morning, because I wasn't feeling too hot, but I got the best gift ever from my parents.
Ever- my dad saw I had mentioned the Sony NEX 5n whilst trolling my blog, and he got it for me!
It takes such a lovely clear picture, it makes me realise how crappy my old camera had become, and I'm so excited to have it- but I'm not 100% on how everything works yet.
So I did have a lovely Christmas, I hope you did too, we even kept the family bickering to a minimum (for us)

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Auntie Nonie said...

It was a great Christmas (even without sleep!!!) - I loved being 'down with the kids'!! Love you lots Xxxxxxxx

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