Sunday, 11 December 2011

Another weekend, another 18th.

The title says it all.

My hair took ages, as you can see.
I'm drinking one of the {four} Kopparbergs drunk before even leaving for the party, because kopparberg mixed berry cider is the best drink I've ever had, and yes, I have had the pear one {see background}
Although, it did mean some awkward drunk talk in front of my friends dad in the car on the way, what can you do.

Talk about feeling like the ugly duckling with these ladies, 

This is not even fake camera style laughter, my mum was saying words I cannot repeat on the internet to make us giggle,
she's wicked that one.
I never have any pictures from the parties, since I can't handle my alcohol and/or camera, but there are always a bazillion on Facebook to name and shame me.
You know, the best thing about sixth form is that everyone's your best friend.
basically, I flippin' love it.
This party was @ a super posh hotel, slightly unusual for 18ths, and, needless to say, I resorted to drinking pints because at £3.80, they were the cheapest drink.
I didn't dance as much as normal, but I did meet the most lovely Norwegian boy who, quite literally, crashed the party.
Fairs fair.
I left the house twice today, both in my pyjamas, this is what Sundays were made for.
Don't worry, Christmas/comic book themed SSU Friday night, and a treasure hunt Saturday {Iseeyousheenie.} 
Have a lovely day,

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Tamsin said...

Oh, those Norwegians charmers! Quite irresistible :)

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