Saturday, 19 November 2011

aka the first time I tried tequila.

Thank god it {was} Friday!
Here I am off to a good and gorgeous friend's 18th, it was a brilliant night actually, but the only picture I've got to show you is one of me heading out- I spent about half an hour backcombing my hair and curling it until I looked like I'd stepped out of the 60's but it dropped so quickly I put some of it back and forgot about it, I think it needs some length off actually.

I had tequelia for the first time (!) doing shots at the bar with a friend from my English class (although, my whole English class was there) and it was, brilliant, washed down with some sours shots and the best Kopparberg I've ever had!
Needless to say it's 8:30pm and I've only spent half an hour outside my bed all day- lucky it's occasional day Monday eh?
Who's enjoying my Christmas countdown? d'you panic whenever you see it?
Have a lovely day!


Sammi said...

I totally panicked when I first saw your Christmas count down because I had only bought one present at that point. Now I am organised and have bought 4 presents!! Hooray!

That is so annoying when your hair looks nice for 5 minutes and then the world goes against you and ends up not staying in place. I am getting my hair cut tomorrow, yikes! I am always scared of having my hair cut.. even although I am going somewhere I like!

Tequila should be banned. Did you do just tequila or tequila slammers? The worst one is when someone squeezes the lemon in one eye, pours the shot in the other and snorts the salt :( apparently it gets to the blood stream quicker *bleurgh*

madsta said...

tequilla slammers!- I liked 'em! everyone is getting a hug from me this year, I have too many parties to go too and too many dresses to buy!- I'm seriously in need of a haircut too, but I think I'd rather get an eye test at this stage.

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