Saturday, 12 November 2011

Last Friday night + links I love.

Last night, Eve asked me when I was going to update this blog, 

"when I have something to blog about" I told her.

That day has come. Although, your opinions are subjective.

So, last night, Friday night, 
I was out for a late dinner at TGI's, quite a trek from my house, but their San Fran veggie sandwich makes it so worth it.
I'm dying to take Alex there.
We kept it intimate, Blondie, Chloe and myself, they're top amongst my favourite people.
We actually missed an SSU party to go, but we weren't feeling it after such messy weekends recently, it's amazing how many people in one year can turn 18.
We were discussing the logistics of booking our impending girlie summer get-a-way to Greece, and the plausibility, and *oh god* actually joining the gym as opposed to just talking about it.

{Chloe and I, left alone with paper plates and sharpies during a free "study period" in the sixth form common room- bad angle, I wasn't indecent all day.}

It was flippin' brilliant.

Mama Stimpson gallantly drove out to get us, on her own, she's famously terrible with directions so she took Eve with her for safety, and, so as not to leave Alex alone, he came in his pyjamas, and he was just so cute I wanted to eat him.
Then he fell asleep holding my hand- then I took a picture for when he's 18.
My parents are so lucky I'm around with a camera.


Last weekend's party picture?
This is my favourite, I just look so unbelievably good.
This party was pretty casual, but all good fun, check little lucy's super hair in the background.
Also, if you're worried, I'm fairly confidant the skirt looks better when I'm standing up.


Now, let's talk some more about me.

I have a big 18th party next weekend {this blog now has a purpose apparently} and since I am, typically, skint, I've found a dress from my wardrobe I bought to wear to sixth form, with a blouse under it, but It's been re-purposed as a little black dress since that's what it is, it's a jersey waisted- wrap style dress that's pretty fitted, and pretty low-cut with three quarter sleeves.
when I came downstairs in it an hour or so ago my mama proclaimed

"where have you been hiding that?" 

hiding it? hiding from it, I'm worried it's not fun enough.
SO, There are these shoes I've been stalking, stalking I tell you, since they came onto the website, and now they're reduced!
No- one will buy them for me, no-one, Grandma is my last hope tomorrow, otherwise, matronly it is.
Take a look
 Awww! Alex just text me from downstairs on mum's phone.

"Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx alex"


After this party, my next big one is in mid december- and I've found this jacket, this jacket that I can picture being worn so well with big hair, a simple black top, this skirt, black tights and gold jewellery- and my sky high black suede wedges.

Are you picturing it?

So, is anyone interested in buying my kidney? or my extensive range or sock buns?

Two new texts from Alex,
in synch,

"cume down"


"My finger is brocen"

now he's phoning me.


Also- by a stroke(s) of luck I am sponsoring one of my favourite blogs this month, My Little Loves, I absolutely love her hippie style, her taste, and, she's only four years older than me! Which is hard to find in this blogging world, and, if you're unsure about clicking that link, her little girls names are Oceana and Luna, which are clearly the best names ever so your welcome.

{You wish your head looked this good floating.}


Anyway lovelies, it seems this is how I'm blogging these days, I miss everyone, check in now and again,
Have a good night!

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Tamsin said...

Sorry, Madders, not loving the shoes. However, I LOVE Monsoon! I could easily have bought half the shop when we were there in the summer. Please open shop in the US! Pretty please?

Also, glad you're blogging again :)

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