Sunday, 13 November 2011

coca cola.

I'm really sorry if your not into Christmas {Olivia is our family Scrooge} but as of today, I am in full blown Christmas mode.

Its almost advent, so I've actually been quite restrained, I've also already written my list.

Oh yeah.

This, is my favourite coca-cola advert ever, although, I haven't seen this years yet, since I never really watch TV these days,
Anyway- Off shopping, Grandma's are the best aren't they?


Tamsin said...

Cute, cute. I have to say, though, I'd be a little miffed if I came face to face with Santy Claus Himself and all he gave me was a coke bottle.

Wife Of A Salesman said...

Does your family have any Christmas traditions that you really enjoy or do your friends have any neat traditions you wish your family would incorporate into your Christmas celebration? I am looking to try out a few new ideas this year on my family.THANKS!

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