Thursday, 24 November 2011

Christmas Wishlist.

All images found via Pinterest.

So, 30 days to go.
I'm pretty confident my parents haven't started Christmas shopping, so, since my dad asks us for a list sometime in October every year, and no one gives them to him, I thought I'd provide some links, since, as magical as ordering all my own birthday presents was, I really want to avoid doing it this Christmas.
I've been seeing a lot of lists around on some of my favourite blog's, so thought I'd join in the fun, although, this list isn't really for sure yet, it's sort of a dreamy list, I want everything, but I'll be trimming it down so as to avoid my poor dad selling his Jag.

{All links are in big writing and highlighted in grey- click away}
1. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau so fresh perfume- I've run out of the original, and this is top of my list!

2. Real Techniques core collection by samantha Chapman

3.  Real Techniques starter set by Samantha Chapman + (not pictured) Real techniques travel essentials by Samantha chapman.

4. Clinique Bottom lash Mascara

5. MAC 219 pencil brush- I've been wanting this for ages, it's not something I could afford on a whim though.

6. Asos Penelope bow trim platform shoe-  Dad, these are the shoes that I was "nice" to you for three futile weeks for, you didn't cave, even when they went on sale, look how, shiny!

7. MAC paint pot in soft ochre

8. Urban decay naked palette 

9. I also really want a skipping rope.

Attention- if anyone important (like Father Christmas) is actually reading numbers 1. 2. 3. and 8  are most important to my well being on Christmas day. (but the rest wouldn't hurt)

What's top of everyone else's list?
Please be materialistic, It makes me feel so ashamed when people write world peace, I mean, obviously I want that too.
Happy Thursday!

Oh shoot!- I almost forgot Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating it today!


Anonymous said...

I never ask for gifts. I would much rather be surprised come Christmas morn.
To those in the states, and those who are stationed overseas, may this day of Thanksgiving bring you much closer to home, those you love, miss and think of often.
Happy Holidays lovelies!

Sammi said...

There, actually was nothing I really wanted this Christmas, but somehow I have managed to spend all my alloted money. I have picked lots of little things, and unfortunately, ordered some of them myself... Keri Smith books that my mum had no idea existed and a book that I have been hunting for in book stores for weeks to no avail. It is free delivery from Waterstones so I ordered it just now! Cannot believe how quickly the holidays have crept around this year.

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