Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Being 50.

Mama Stimpson turned 50 last week, and, if my Mutti knows how to do anything, it's to do it with style.
Go big or go home.

She looked amazeballs, it was her 50th and she'll wear gucci if she wants to.

She and a bazillion girlfriends went to the Kensington roof gardens for her party and then on clubbing, clubbing, it's such a bugger I'm not 18 yet, I would have loved to see what goes on.

We went out for dinner on her actual birthday;
Apologies, Eve can't focus the camera, at all.
Don't say a word, my camera is taking the worst pictures ever lately, I would sell my soul for this camera, but I might just have to at the price tag.

We had the best waitress ever at dinner, she was so cute, she came up and took this picture for us all on her own.

The waitress also brought this up for my mum and instigated the whole restaurant to sing to her.

My mums so cute.
I just love her.

I also got this jacket, and these earrings  in yesterday, I absolutely love them both!
I'll post a picture when I wear them to an 18th in a couple weeks,


Teachers strike tomorrow, score! have a lovely day!

1 comment:

Tamsin said...

Your mum looks incredible for any age. Wow!

I see where you little Stimpsonettes get it from :)

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