Monday, 31 October 2011

This Is Halloween- {need costume ideas}

Happy Halloween lovelies!
I was at sixth form, but when we came home we carved pumpkins, which was super, super rushed.

Mines cross eyed- Eve's is the one grinning broadly- look closely, {somehow} she did her's upside down. she made the bottom the lid.
I worry about her.
So, I'm going to SSU on Friday, {our sixth form committee organises about 5 parties a year, get's a venue, sells cheap tickets, they're always fancy dress themed, and there is absolutely no teacher input, whatsoever, nor do they attend, and any profit is given to our schools charity}

let's just say, everyone get's wasted and is really embarrassed on Monday.
so Fridays is Halloween themed, and I don't have a costume, I want to do something that will require a simple costume, with ahhhmazing make up- I was thinking black swan but someone beat me too it, so I'd love some suggestions!
Have a good day lovelies!

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