Monday, 31 October 2011

Tag, Your it.

So, I got tagged, and I don't really like tag's because they're a bit trendy- because they're tags.
I also don't really like to blog about blogging, itself, which I'm now doing.
But, I thought I'd do this one, since my friend Tana mentioned my name in her tag post twice, tagging me, and it would've been rude not too, and I liked reading it. a lot.
So there.
I won't pretend I know how this works, but I'll give it a go.

No.1-What is your most beautiful Post?
{why did I ever start this?!}
Visually, because I'm not much of a poet, this one,
Bank Holiday Monday {The Cottingley fairies}
It is really, really popular, I guess people are finding it through Google image searches for the fairy pictures, but I like it well enough, eve's really not girlie, but she's very willing, and I'm so pleased to of been able to snap some beautiful {amateur} pictures of her that my family love, for an art project.
I just wish I'd had the hindsight to take the fairies out of a few pictures for keep sakes.

 {a sample}

No. 2- What is your most popular post?
Hands down, this one,
A big fat update on Oli and us.
I don't like to read it myself, it was written during a really, really difficult, emotional time for me and everyone around me, It's got about seven times as many hits as my second most popular post though, so I guess there are people who do.

No. 3-What is your most controversial post?
I got a few nasty comments scattered about a year or so back, but they stopped pretty quick, I wouldn't say my blog is really controversial per say, but maybe I'll be corrected, for this, I got nothing.

No. 4- What is your most helpful post?
The only post where I think I've ever said anything remotely helpful would be
Its an awesome way to wake up with a head full of curls, no heat, two minutes.
works for me.

No. 5- Which post's success surprised you most?
Thunder, lightning, rain and riots, what a weekend
It was weird, we were all really, quite amazed, by the riots that popped up overnight in London, I always thought that London was too sophisticated for anything like that to be allowed, perhaps naively, and I was just chatting to myself really, via my blog, so I was quite surprised when overnight, it became insanely popular, even on my 'All time stat.'

No. 6- Which of your posts do you feel didn't get the attention it deserved?
Honestly- I sort of don't care?
If I write a good post that I like, it tends to get the hits in the end, and honestly, other than knowing my all time most popular posts, I don't really bother checking in on the day to day posts, and I've got about 300- and something posts, so I can't remember having written at least the first half, and that's always fun to have one pop up occasionally I'd forgotten about.

No. 7- Which post are you proudest of?
I honestly don't know if I've ever written anything good enough to be proudest of, so, I guess see question 2 for this one.

I cheated a bit- I don't like being on the spot.
However, it was fun, if you want to do it too, please send me the link and I'll add it to this post.
your all tagged.
How embarrassing.
Have a lovely day- Happy Halloween! (it's still before midnight!)

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Tana said...

Now that wasn't too horrible, was it? Thanks for playing, even if you were only being polite. :)

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