Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Rainy days.

I thought I'd post before I go into hibernation for a few days to do coursework, and go to two 18th's in two days, you, know, that's how I roll.
{I am 100% wearing a t-shirt with a {picture of a} bike and that slogan on right now}
Its oh-so-Autumn-y here right now- rain, freezing, the whole pizazz.
If that's a word.

Honestly- I find Alex loitering in my room a lot- he's going to be a ladies man, he's so at ease with all the girls that go in and out of our house- {mama Stimpson is so cool like that}
He just came back from a week in the isle of white with school- he got off the coach and announced to my mum "i'n a man now" 
He's still my angel.

So- yeah, I need to clean my windows- can you spot the cat though- it looks far away yeah?
it wasn't far away when I was watching vampire diaries in the dark on my laptop at two thirty in the morning, and glanced at my windows to see a face staring straight at me.
I screamed, woke eve up- the cat was sitting on my window sill with it's face pressed to the glass.
It's eyes looked like candles.
It hung out there for a long while before perusing the roof for a while- its coloured fur was grey and striped-As ridiculous as this will sound to the non believers, I named it Maggie- in case it was professor McGonagall, because we just don't know- honestly- in the film the muggles didn't know, but it didn't mean it wasn't true.
I'm not crazy.

And- this happened the next day- though, it was a different cat, this is Rosie, our neighbourhood cat, she's a minx.
So it just proves they're watching the house to give me my Hogwarts letter, even if it's a bit late.
So, I'm off to find somewhere safe and secure,

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