Monday, 10 October 2011


When I send emails, I always spend ages thinking of a random subject line, I particularly like Aloha, or something in French.
Depends who I'm emailling.
S'pecially since I want them to open it.
How has everybody been!?- I've been really busy since sixth form started back up, even though this year, I've dropped a subject and only have to go in for my lessons, I feel busier Y'know, lots of parties, which I am particularly enjoying.
I started this post two hours ago, then I bit the bullet and got Google chrome, which, I forgot how much I liked, however, I've now spent two hours playing with backgrounds and manually importing my favourites.
Like I said, I'm busy.

A Saturday Job interview- I know I know, I'm still regretting June's haircut.

Mama and Papa Stimpson off to a party, I told them to act like they liked each other.

This is what they came up with.

The monsters know when I'm babysitting, there will be pizza making involved.

{That's a sock bun in my hair, and its the best bun ever, even stays put on its own}

My desk looked like this {hey Auntie Nonie- recognise your jacket? Olivia and I really appreciate it, but, sadly for her, its moved to a more permanent home, my wardrobe. Loove it!}

Check what mama Stimpson got me at the farmers market- My make-up could no longer fit in my make up drawer(s), eye-liners up top, single eye shadows middle, and lipsticks in the bottom- all the rest of my make up and my MAC palette is in my drawer, pretty neat eh? 
Looks like someone got a chest of drawers and zapped it with a shrink ray, wish someone could do that to me.
I've got zumba tonight- FYI, if I haven't told you, and I probably have, I love zumba, if your on the fence, go! I'd go to every class if I could afford it!
Its also become Autumn overnight here, and I love it.

Ooh, I love Google chrome. 
If your curious, you can throw post suggestions in the comments, because, we all know, It's not my strong point.
Have a lovely Monday!

P.S- for those {few} wondering, my Bag from this post was from Primark- Only available in the UK, and super cheap- and still in stores.


Tamsin said...

Hey, I've been to that Farmer's Market!

Also, your papa should look like the happiest man alive, because, have you SEEN your mother lately!?!?

Sammi said...

hey, Primark is also in Spain, just fyi, y'know?

Welcome back to Blogosphere I have missed you!!

Oh God, Zumba scares me. A lot. I'd rather eat cake. In fact I was given that choice a week or so ago, and went with the cake...

My desk looks much like yours, altho its usually clothes and coursework scattered across it.

I really enjoy your comment about your parents :) I'm sure they like each other really they just have been together a long time, and to like someone for that long... well that takes some effort.

Adoring your dress in the first picture :)

Auntie Nonie said...

Hey what a uber-cool jacket!!!!!! XXXXXX

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