Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Fancy dress.

So, like I've been mentioning, everyone I know is turning 18 this side of Christmas (except me and blondie) and this was my favourite 18th so far, little lucy's.
It was fancy dress- if you couldn't tell, I went with sherlock holmes and someone from the 50's?- We were all going 'all out' but blondie and Hannah decided they were going to one-up me, and come gorgeous- and I was a beer.
I was also the beer that got drunk, literally and unfortunately.

But, not to worry, I was in good company once I arrived- my favourite costume was HMS oona.
{Oona, are you creeped out? because I stole this photo off facebook}
Anyways, As per I needed a full two days to recover.

The End- of that night.
I'm just waiting on Blondie here, we don't go anywhere without each other-and we're headed up to the south bank of the Thames to meet Hannah (Sherlock) - who is eighteen today, and Nadine, who was eighteen last Tuesday, I can't really believe I know eighteen year old's- well, that I have friends who are eighteen, that's just crazy.
It's pretty late here, but we're playing it fast and loose on a school night, 
Have a lovely day!

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