Thursday, 1 September 2011

Life according to mama Stimpson's iphone.

So I just found out my blog is on a website called bloglovin- which was weird, feel free to follow me there if that rocks your boat.
Oh goodness, what have blogger done?
I can see how- in their mind, this would be a beautiful new "interface" or dashboard, posting setup, but its very wide and confusing, and I don't like how our choice was taken away.
But I did only notice this four minutes ago.
Oh well, change is, apparently, good.

Wow- don't photos upload quick!?
Oli actually got back from two weeks in Spain about an hour ago, a few minutes after eve turned 15- or her birthday began, and I set up email to mamas iPhone, hence these pictures finally getting from one cube to another.
Her room has been absolutely Gorgeously decorated whilst she was away and I am so jealous.
so jealous.
She also happens to be tanned as can be- I'll have to take my bronzer obsession up a notch.
And now for some admin, I hope you enjoyed those- If anyone is visiting from somewhere called gothise, can you please let me know who/why/where my blog has been added to the website, and why I'm getting so many hits from somewhere I've never been, and who's won't reply to my enquiry, or why I can't view the page?
Hows everyone's week been?


Tana said...

I have been getting tons of traffic from gothise too. Unfortunately, in trying to figure out why, I've given them tons of traffic too. I'm wondering if that's the evil plot from those 'alternative' types. :)

Cute pictures!

Tamsin said...

I've been getting lots of traffic from gothise too. I'm pretty sure it's reverse advertising. Basically, they're running a program that hits lots of blogs repeatedly, making it look like you're getting lots of traffic from somewhere. So you go and check out their site, thus driving more traffic to them. Lame.

Sammi said...

i love phone pictures they are great. at some point i am going to upload pictures from my phone onto here.

hope eve had a nice birthday x

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