Monday, 5 September 2011

I love weekends pt. 3

It's official- 18th season has begun- meaning the spew of 18th birthday parties that accompany our final year at sixth form- all done in the traditionally British fashion of drinking, I had drunk two pints before I remembered, that, for calories sake, I had told myself I would stick to vodka.
I moved on to Jack Daniels.
I attended with Oona, who has the best hair I've even seen- as you can now see.
And I promise, that only for the half of the evening after we gained access to an over 18s wristband and made numerous trips to the bar, did I have a double chin.
Back to sixth form tomorrow. summer is lost.
I've spend today painting a fifty-odd year old wooden chair for art, at this stage I genuinely don't think I've improved it.
somewhat devastatingly.
Goodbye summer, I loved you.

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The Waits said...

love the dress!

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