Sunday, 11 September 2011

Bits + Pieces

Cooking dinner for the carnivores and myself.

Rocking out on Grandmas bike.

Sneaky sneaky- Grandma nicked mama Stimpson's ray bans- I have to sneak up on her for pictures since she's camera phobic, and, like I keep telling her, if she carries on complaining the way she is, we may need them to remember her a whole lot sooner- gotta treat 'em mean to keep 'em keen.

Lazy Sundays.
Eve's Birthday meal.
If your a fan of the inbetweeners- and if your not you should be, they filmed one episode in this restaurant, as well as all the ruislip hot spots- including outside my old house.
{I need a new camera}
{back to school}
{Art will kill me.}

I have, of course, spent the whole four days back at school, and the whole of this weekend, doing art, playing catchup- however, for once, I'm loving it- at least this double page- I have absolutely loved Danny Roberts- the fashion illustrator's work for months and months- and was so pleased when our latest topic was identity- as I love portraits- I knew immediately I would cover him.
This week has been- somewhat a relief to be back into a routine, every summer I feel like I'm on borrowed time- but also it just makes me question when everything in my life will quit it, and stop being so dramatic, and give us all a break.
you have no idea.
Or if you do, have a skittle.
How has everybody been?- anyone have any illustrators  you think I might like to look at?


Sammi said...

hiya, well i'm glad you're enjoying school. enjoy your summers. you don't get them when your grown up and working full time. unless you become a teacher. obviously.

is this your last year now? you'll be doing all the ucas and applications rubbish this year?

you portraits there are beautiful :) in fact i think its some of my favourite things that you've done, that you've posted here.

hope you're having a lovely sunday night, not too much last minute coursework xxxx

Lynne said...

here's a link to an illustrator that I went to high school with. He's done children's books and a variety of other things...different style than you, but extremely talented.

Jordan said...

I really enjoy reading your blog it is always so entertaining and your pictures make me smile. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Love your bag in the photo with your brother, care to share where you got it??

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