Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Thunder, lightning, rain and riots, what a weekend.

Is the rioting in London only being reported in Britain?
It is absolutely obscene. Last night there were  teeny weeny "copycat" riots, so to speak, in south ruislip, very contained, but the news is saying the big superstores down there were looted- I knew something was happening, as I was lying in bed last night, I heard a million police sirens.
Hayes- where my Grandma lives, has been hit lightly, and I heard of discord in Harrow- all I'm saying is, if they take primark, I will loose it.- Some of us can only afford to spend £4 on shoes.

It's definitely livened up the news this weekend, so far today the news on the grapevine in Ruislip is that there are people trying to incite some sort of riot tonight, but to be honest, I'm not really worried, Dad just had someone in to fix our house alarm after it went off at 3am and scared the bejeesus out of all of us last night- and Ruislip's really quite out of the way.

But it's made for a sort of bank holiday feeling today- shops in the high street have stayed shut and Dad's working from home.
Anyway, enough of the pound land looters, which I suspect to be the raging force behind this whole charade- We had thunder, lightening and a flood of rain this weekend, I love it, it felt just like winter, which in my opinion, is always a good thing.

I abused the knowledge of where Mutti hid the hot chocolate, and brought my quilt down to the sofa to drive my mama crazy for a few hours.
Mama Stimpson and her girlie's really are best friends, sure she won't let me get my nose pierced, the reason I don't go and do it anyway, is because I know it would upset her, and that's just not high on my list of priorities- we enjoy speaking whale to each other and styling each others hair as jedward-esque as possible.
We have fun.
So, consider this my take on the local news- who else had a more interesting weekend?


Anonymous said...

No, the rioting thugs have made their marks on the news
here in the states as well. All I can say is very disturbing and scary!
Enjoy all the rain and cool temps you are receiving.
Here in Texas, all is in a drought, and show's no sign of letting up anytime soon. Word is that we are going to be enjoying ourselves a very warm and toasty Fall and Winter.

Tana said...

I only looked it up yesterday after I saw your facebook post about it. I found an article on Foxnews.com, but it hadn't been widely reported elsewhere from what I could tell. Haven't really looked this morning, though. Keep safe!

Sammi said...

Good evening Maddi, how are you? Are you safe? I hope so. I didn't hear about the riots in your area but I heard that Harrow station was closed because people were worried. It's scary isn't it? There were riots in Bristol which is about as close I am to it... I'm half expecting it to kick off in my town tonight tonight because it's rough luckily I live 10 miles away and work about 10 miles away. Hope you're safe. Hope Londres stay safe xxx

Erin said...

The news has made it to the states, but it's not being widely reported, usually just a brief mention, or a smaller article in the paper. I learned about it because I am a regular BBC on-line news reader (they do much better world coverage than any of the news papers or stations in the U.S.), and it's the front page there. Stay safe!

Wife Of A Salesman said...

Stay safe, I have been watching this on the news since last night our time (this morning for you). Utahns have alot of ties, relatives, missionaries, and students in London. I kept checking over here to see how your little town is doing. People can be so wonderful to each other and then so horrible too. I'm listing to Dan Hicks right now from South London on the radio describing the looting, it appears he started an anti-looting facebook page and is planning a clean up. I like this guys idea, focus on the good and making a bad situation postive. (and I totally agree with about the shoes).

Carly said...

The motherland has made front page news in most of the papers in Australia, and there are always segments about it somewhere on the news on tv. So from the land down under, here's hoping you all stay safe and well.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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