Saturday, 13 August 2011

Links I love for a saturday.

Technically it's afternoon, but I just woke up...again.
You see, this morning at 7am (Tell me 'bout it) Eve, Alex, and Dad stomped around for half an hour before Eve gave me a hug- it was weird because I was sleeping, so I didn't know what was going on.
They are headed to stay with my grandparents at their house by the sea for a week.
Oli and three friends have been up there this past week, they spent a couple nights with my aunt and uncle and spent last night in a cave- they have their own house too, the cave was comfy-er.
So whilst mama Stimpson is out nurturing her fifth baby- the gym- I'm home alone, it's really weird, and even more fun than I anticipated.
Mama Stimpson and I have lots of plans for the week, one's that likely won't come to fruition, but tonight we're going on a date, dinner and then to see Rise of the Planet of the apes.
We are tres excited.
(that went on a bit huh?)
Happy Saturday- if you too are home alone, and/or bored, here are some links I love.

The Madsta Journals- I totally linked my own blog, chances are if your reading this, your already here, but just in case.

The sartorialist- it's name precedes it- love.

"Things that kill people more than sharks"- fearing them becomes slightly more irrational.

waterfall braid tutorial- really cool.

If your bored and you've got twenty minutes- hit the makeover studio, guaranteed you'll fill the time.

I've been playing OneRepublic's new song Good life on repeat for three days now- love it, it's even overtaken Jessie J- who's laughing now.

My favourite fashion blog has to be The Glamourai

I've wasted an hour a day for about two weeks since I discovered pinterest- because someone pinned me on it- it, as it's name would suggest, is a virtual pinboard, I love it.

I don't drive yet (putting it off) - but if you do, and washing it is something you put off, you might want to consider this instead.


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Sammi said...

i hate hate hate the satorialist. i like his pictures. but he pisses me off because he has clearly stated that anyone over a size 6 is fat. hate hate hate that.

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