Saturday, 27 August 2011

Just Rosie.

I totally lost a follower, whoever you are, I don't blame you, I would probably do the same.
Know what I've been thinking about lately, other than my impending doomed future, and whether Hawaii is a viable option- is that how weird is it we can't pick our own names.
It isn't actually weird because, well, I don't know that babies would be too adept at picking their own names, But still, how many times do people say your name, and what if you hated it.
Funny story, my name is spelt wrong.
Madeliene is, apparently not the correct spelling of my name, rumor has it, my grandpa Tom went to register my birth- or something of the like, and spelt it wrong on the certificate, that's what my mama told me.
My form tutor is ex- RAF, and she always calls me Madeliene, no one ever calls me Madeliene, I don't particularly like being called Madeliene, because I really associate it with being in trouble, for example, my Dad calls me Madeliene.
My mum calls me Maddy, everyone calls me Maddy.
Hey guys, I'm Maddy.
I think if I could pick my own name, I would have picked Rosie, yep, I'd be Rosie, not because I am particularly Rosie, what-so-ever,
And It has nothing to do with my middle name of Rose, But I wouldn't mind being called Rosie.
But, summer's almost over, and I'm still Maddy.

And coincidentally, I haven't really a clue what I'm doing with my life beyond Thursday, If I had my way right now, I'd be living it up in Hawaii, working in a bar, learning to make mojitos, and drinking them too, and somehow I'd be really good at surfing.

So, if we could all pick our names, what would yours be?
Well I know where I'd rather be anyway.
Hope someones having a lovely summer!


Tana said...

My middle name is Joi (pronounced "Joy"). I've never been fond of it or my first name either, but I hate it less as I've gotten older. The Joi was very much on purpose, on my parents' part. I've always thought it was too cutesy and to top it off, should have a happy face dotting the 'i'. Anyway, I love both Madeliene (spelled just that way) and Maddy. Rosie reminds me of a shire hobbit. :)

Heather Lee said...

I love the vanity in your room! I went to see an antique vanity last weekend for my room...but it was in bad shape. When I was little I wished my name was Tiffany, all of my baby dolls were named Tiffany. Now...I'm fine with my name. I always liked it best out of me and my sisters names (which are Heidi and Holli) so I counted myself lucky;) I guess Hillary was the other name my mom considered. Again, I like Heather better. But naming your own kids is HARD. So I have to give my parents credit. Both madelein and maddy are great names. And Rosie is cute too.

Naomi said...

My daughter is named Rosie, I guess that means I have good taste in names!

Sammi said...

my cousins name is Madeline just like that, but my friend told me something about names with e's being lucky and hers is spelt Madeleine. Or maybe it was French. I don't know.

My birth mother named me Louise Charlotte Lorraine. And my adopted mother named me Samantha Louise. I use all the names. I guess that is using names that aren't necessarily correct.

I quite often go by Hailie, as my friend called me it for many years and it just stuck.

Sammi said...
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Jordan D said...

I would be in Hawaii too! It is the best place ever.Oh and my name would probably be the same I don't think I am creative enough at this point to change it

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