Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Hey dolls
I'm not sure who here reads my other blog, but if you do you may/may not have seen my no heat hair curling tutorial, it's not invented by me, by no means, but someone told me how to do it and it seems everyone I tell it about thinks it to be revolutionary.
I don't know about that.

These GIF's make me feel a bit sick too- don't feel alone.
I know there are an obscene amount of pictures of me, but hoora to that.
The thing is- I had to cut way too much of my slightly-obscenely long hair off for my liking a couple months back, and I feel a bit too ordinary for my liking with slightly longer than average hair- so I'm on a mission to grow it back healthily- using all kinds of products, {next on my hitlist?-coconut oil} and I only use heat on my hair once or twice a month- with heat protector.
So the point of this story is I want my hair to look nice.
So- all you will need is one of those large stretchy headbands- preferably without the big flower as shown above.
And hair.
Put it round your head flat on so it comes across your forehead- hippie style.
Then- as shown above, take little sections of the hair that comes past the headband, and just pull them up against it, and under- so that the rest of the length sticks out- go round your whole head and voila!
I like to do it when my hair is 90% dry and sleep on it- then i just take it out for school and I'm good to go with extra time in bed.
Apparently people think this is clever because Tamsin found my tutorial on pinterest- which I have just joined and am thoroughly enjoying- though I completely don't understand it- this is me- I believe you can follow me- someone just explain the whole shebang.
This got so off course- basically- look at the pictures and work it out, and email me/comment if I explained it badly- but it even worked on Mama Stimpson's four inches of hair.

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Sammi said...

I don't understand pintrest. or google+

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